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Alpaca - treasure of the Andes

Alpaca - treasure of the Andes

We have had the pleasure of producing alpaca products at Martello for many years. Alpaca blanket, alpaca poncho is a permanent part of our collection, that is why we would like to share our observations with you.
What's "My Blanket" ?

What's "My Blanket" ?

The name of the child, the date of birth, the hour of birth, the heigth and weight at birth date are the most important informations for the baby's family. A 100% organic cotton, natural and soft in touch blanket is the most important thing for a baby during sleep. My Blanket is a  fusion of the unique data of the child with the naturalness of cotton. We produce it on individual request, and reccomend it for new born babies, as they come to the world.

The blanket is 75 cm wide and 100 cm long.

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