Welcome to Martello!

We have been operating on the Polish market for over 30 years. All blankets, sweaters and scarves we make ourselves. We have done away with yarns of chemical origin. Our knitwear includes organic cotton, wool (merino and alpaca), silk and linen.

Because we want to minimize the impact of our production on the environment, we have decided to undergo annual inspections by the International certification organization Control Union. The entire production process goes through very deep inspections. The organic origin of the cotton is checked and all additives are approved. We do not use plastic buttons, zippers in pillowcases do not contain nickel. Knitting machine oil is highly biodegradable, has no heavy metals, taste or smell. So is the biodegradability of the liquid we wash each item in before it goes to you. You won't find optical brighteners with us, and there are no insecticides.

produce very little waste, in line with our no waste production philosophy. And what's left, some thread, scraps of knitwear, cardboard from inside the spools is collected by a company that processes the waste into new raw materials. All these efforts, including detailed documentation of the blanket production process, is rewarded with a globally recognized certificate. GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD.

Products bearing the GOTS logo and the Martello certification number are produced in a socially responsible manner from start to finish. This means that not only the team of people in Martello, but also all those working in the cotton cultivation and processing, twisting the yarn, dyeing, are employed under a contract of employment and work in good conditions, not harmful to health.